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The New Standard
in Exercise Therapy

Patient Mobilization Solutions

Home-Based Care Delivery

Safe and Efficient    Exercise Therapy
for Each Patient

MDXD is developing a universal system facilitating delivery of therapeutic exercise programs.  

The system operates through setting MedExercise stations at the patient usual locations to making regular training accessible and convenient.  


Personalized MedExercise stations include pedal and other devices allowing self-managed exercise training as addition to conventional therapy. Specialized MedExercise solutions target specific types of exercise therapy. 


The MedExercise stations are designed for training in chairs and beds to reduce risk of injuries and falls.


Automatic monitoring of patient activity allows management of exercise rehabilitation at distance.


On-going access to exercise equipment at the point of care and home facilitates regular training.


Interactive leg movements to play video and VR games reduce the boredom of routine exercise training. 

Sustaining Leg
and Gait Practice
with no Risk of Falls

Exercise training is generally encouraged, but for the patients with impaired mobility upright locomotion is not only challenging by also poses risk of falls and ensuing injuries.


Significant resources required and high costs incurred to make patient mobilization and gait practice safe and efficient including:

 - assistance of up to four persons to support patient take out the bed and walk,

- patient transportation, room to walk, training facilities, and exercise equipment,

- limited duration of training sessions due to fast fatiguability typical for most patients,

- portable devices an emergency kits for training away from the point of care,

- injuries of healthcare workers handling heavy frail patients with impaired balance.

The MedExercise stations at the point of care and homes mitigates these issues by allowing leg mobilization and gait practice in patients' chair and beds.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate This MedTech Innovation?

MDXD aims to commercialize MedExercise technology and seeks to attract talents, business partners, collaborating organization, and investors to the project.

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