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Our Mission

Exercise therapy is proven to be an effective medical intervention yet one of the most underutilized.

MDXD aims to improve sustainability of therapeutic exercise with our proprietary MedExercise technology

Our Story
& Technology

MDXD was registered in 2022 and takes over MDXD to focus on commercialization of MedExercise technology for exercise therapy.


We target two major barriers to sustainable delivery of therapeutic exercise:

- low capacity of patients to exercise due to fatigue, low endurance, and impaired balance,

- insufficient capacity of the healthcare system to deliver training programs at home.


The MedExercise  devices were scientifically developed, patented, and validated as an alternative to cycling machines for leg mobilization in sitting and lying users. Being connected devices they enable provision of 

on-site exercise therapy manageable online.

Dr Vadim Dedov is the inventor and leader of MedExercise technology development. His track record includes MBBS, PhD in Medical Sciences, and work as a research fellow in the leading Australian universities such as Sydney University and UNSW. He published more than 20 scientific papers in biomedical journals. 

The MedExercise technology was validated in human studies, which results were presented at several scientific conferences and published in peer-reviewed medical journals, including: 

A bilateral rehabilitation system for...

Development of the internet-enabled...

Automated management of exercise...

Application of a web-enabled leg training...

Experienced Leadership
& Validation Studies

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