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Software compatible with MedExercise devices includes the range of mobile apps and programs for monitoring and managing end user's activity, and interaction with virtual environments 

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The software for monitoring usage of MedExercise devices receives signals from pedal sensors, which reflects each foot position and motion. A mobile app analogue to fitness trackers measures user activity in traditional units of exercise training such as walking speed, distance, and the number of steps.


The MedExercise hospital portal interconnects exercise therapy stations within the hospital and outpatient networks to identify devices, users, locations, and performed activities.  Real-time monitoring of multiple users and automatic reports on patient compliance can be provided by the MedExercise IoT system.

For details see: Automated management of exercise intervention at the point of care...

Interactive software is being developed for 

MedExercise solutions aiming to maximize patient activity for better clinical outcomes. 

Selection apps and programs depends on specific needs of each patient such as the 

level of mobility, general health, age, and living environment. It includes gait practice in virtual reality.


To ensure sustainability of exercise training MedExercise compatible software can provide:

guidance for achieving recommended dose of training such as 'walking' distance,

gamification for engaging in active video and VR gaming by foot movements,

assistance to pedal movements by linear actuators controlled automatically,

monitoring of activity in real time for self- and remotely managed rehabilitation programs,

- coordination with other exercise and assistive devices for the whole-body rehabilitation.

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