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MedExercise Stations

The MedExercise stations at the point of care and home allows patient mobilization and exercise rehabilitation by combining MedExercise pedal devices with other training and assistive devices

Network 2.PNG

The network of MedExercise stations represent a flexible solution for the delivery of exercise therapy in patients' usual environments. Each station can be personalized to facilitate patient self-managed activity to extend the existing capacity of the healthcare system.

The MedExercise device is the key element of the station enabling on-site leg mobilization and identifying station on the network.


The network of MedExercise stations allows

centralized management of exercise therapy and rehabilitation including:

(1) in-bed patients,

(2) inpatients and outpatients,

(3) home-based patients.

The MedExercise stations are designed to complement the existing model of exercise therapy, where telehealth allows care providers (1) using telecommunication (2) for monitoring and consulting patients (4) while supervised exercise therapy is typically provided in the clinical gyms (3)

The purpose of MedExercise stations is facilitation of self-managed patient activities at home monitored and managed online (5). Depending on patient circumstances, sets of monitoring and rehabilitation devices can be added to the stations to ensure safety and consistency of self-managed training. 


For details see: Automated management of exercise intervention...

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