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MedExercise Products

Our product range comprises devices, software, and accessories for setting personalized MedExercise stations
adapted to patient physical, mental, and living conditions for improving sustainability of exercise therapy.  

MedExercise pedal devices are the key component of exercise therapy stations because they allow self-managed mobilization and gait practice at the point of care and home, reducing the number of formal rehabilitation sessions while improving outcomes.

There are two types of software associated with MedExercise stations: measuring apps to detect user's activity like fitness trackers, and interactive programs providing gamified guidance for on-site training such as videogames and virtual reality.

Accessories for MedExercise devices include the range of products making patient activity more convenient and engaging such as pedal attachments, links to chairs and beds, robotic and electronic devices, and equipment for the upper body.

These assistive devices are used to compensate for insufficient activity in one or both patients' legs to sustain leg activity and gait practice using MedExercise devices by mechanical assistance to pedal movements of legs affected by disease. 

Hospital and
Home-based  Solution 

The MedExercise technology provides personalized leg and body training solutions through unilateral and bilateral foot movements. Assessment of each leg capacity to move pedals allows selection an appropriate combination of leg mobilization modes, which include:

- active foot movements at variable range of motion against adjustable resistance to pedal motion,

- assisted movements of one or both feet to sustain coordinated activity in one or both affected legs, 

- passive foot movements in fully immobile leg or legs.


This approach ensures repetitive leg flexion and extensions to reproduce stepping of one leg and gait practice in patients unable to walk unassisted.

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