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Pedal Devices

The MedExercise devices are proprietary pedal devices making MedExercise technology unique and allowing the users of exercise therapy stations leg movements and gait practice while sitting and lying

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The design of MedExercise devices was incentivized by mechanical limitations of cycling machines, which are the main tool for exercise therapy in sitting and lying patients. However, reciprocal pedal rotation requires equal range of motion and strength of both feet, which is impaired in many diseases such as stroke.


The novel features of MedExercise devices were reflected in a series of patents. They were listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) that allowed their testing in clinical environment. Further development includes introduction of wireless sensors for monitoring user activity and interacting with software to enable control of locomotion in virtual environment by foot movements.

Comparing to cycling machines and other devices, the unique feature of MedExercise devices is independent pedal movements in both directions over linear tracks. It allows the user to reproduce foot movements like walking with various length of stride and moving pedals in opposite directions to reproduce gait. 

The design of MedExercise devices includes means for attaching them to standard chairs and beds for physical stability during exercise.

Compactness, portability, and light weight allows carrying devices in confined spaces and convenient storage. Testing in elderly patients demonstrated their general usability in aged and clinical populations. 


For further details see: A bilateral rehabilitation system for the lower limbs

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