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MedExercise Solutions 

The solutions are based on MedExercise stations where patient can perform leg and body activity as exercise therapy including leg mobilization, cardio training, gait practice, and the whole-body rehabilitation

Unlike conventional gait assessment by observation and measuring walking speed, the MedExercise technology allows mobility assessment for each leg by measuring foot capacity to reproduce steps and gait cycles by pedal pushing and pulling.

MedExercise-M devices enable leg mobilization in bed and chairs at hospitals and homes allowing early mobilization to facilitate recovery, while reducing workload for healthcare personnel to take patients out of bed for assisted walking sessions.

Cardio training like routine walking or biking is tedious and boring, also poising risk of falls. MedExercise-C devices allow safe and gamified cardio training for the patients in their chairs and beds that can be monitored and managed remotely. 

Mobilization of stroke patients is time consuming, laborious, expensive, and may require up to four persons to assist. The MedExercise-S system is designed to enable gait practice on site with mechanical assistance for each leg to move. 

Exercise Rehabilitation Solutions 

The MedExercise technology allows unilateral and bilateral leg training, where assessment of each leg capacity allows selection an appropriate combination of leg mobilization modes, which include:

- active foot movements at variable range of motion against adjustable resistance to pedal motion,

- assisted by mechanical loads feet movements to sustain activity in one or both affected legs, 

- passive foot movements of fully immobile leg or legs.


This approach ensures repetitive leg flexion and extensions to reproduce stepping and gait practice incouding patients unable to walk unassisted.

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