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The relevant accessories include a range of products facilitating setting, usage, and control of MedExercise stations such as links to furniture, attachments to the pedals, electronic devices, and mechanical actuators

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The range of MedExercise accessories include compatible products for attaching pedal and other devices to the patient chairs and beds converting them into exercise therapy stations.


There are several options for attaching MedExercise pedal devices to furniture for stabilizing them during exercise, including:

- docking to the mat under chair,

- clipping for fixing to the bed,

- hinged connection to folding chair,

- stand for moving device between beds.

Attachments such as straps and rehabilitation pedals help to stabilize foot of the affected leg on the pedal during exercise. 

Further development of MedExercise system includes application of linear actuators to provide additional loads to one or both legs to complete steps and gait cycles. Linear actuators are motorized devices creating motion in a straight line that facilitates pedal movements helping extend and flex the leg with limited range of motion or low strength. 

Stable sitting position of the users allows co-applying a plurality of other devices such as robotic and rehabilitation devices for the upper body as the whole-body rehabilitation solution. Self-managed exercise therapy of the whole body may improve sustainability of care.


Electronic devices provide user interface and digital connection between patients and care providers enabling MedExercise system operating as an exercise therapy network.

Mechanical Actuators and
Other Devices

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